Based in Adelaide South Australia 24/7 Solar & Battery was established in 2017 by Roger Dolling. Roger has worked with batteries and solar systems for the last 40 years, starting in the 80’s with remote off grid systems and evolving into the grid connect market as it emerged in 2005. Working in research and development with lithium ion technologies for 4 years has given Roger an outstanding understanding of new technology battery storage systems and their individual capabilities .

24/7 Solar & Battery work within both the residential, commercial and off-grid sectors, 24/7 Solar & Battery can provide solutions for your solar or solar and battery storage requirements.

Grid connect, off-grid and hybrid energy solutions can all be tailored to your individual energy requirements.

24/7 Solar & Battery use products of the highest quality and support to ensure your investment in energy control lasts long into the future.

24/7 Solar & Battery is an Off-grid design and install and Grid connect Design.

With 40 year’s experience in batteries you can be assured you will be receiving the best possible advice on any energy storage systems you choose.